University of Arizona Marxist professor Roberto Rodríguez is the stinking traitor who is the EVIL MONSTER behind the child abuse and the brainwashing of high school students in TUSD in La Raza studies. Along with Raul Grijalva they are creating an army of child zombies who are at their beck and call. Think Charles Manson family and you start to get the idea. But where did Roberto Rodríguez come from? He is a product of our American University system. Here is his resume: U of A Assistant Professor Telephone: (520) 626-0824 Fax: (520) 621-7966 Office: Chávez, Room 207B Email: Mexican American Studies ( MA&RS ) César E. Chávez Building Rm 208 P.O.Box 210023 Tucson, AZ 85721-0023 Tel: (520) 621-7551 Fax: (520) 621-7966 Roberto Rodriguez is an assistant professor in the MA&RS department at the University of Arizona. He is a longtime-award-winning journalist/columnist who returned to school in 2003 in pursuit of a Master’s degree (2005) and a Ph.D. in Mass Communications (Jan. 2008) at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Many of his awards have come about in the area of defense of the First Amendment and human rights. He returned as a result of a research interest that developed pursuant to his column writing concerning origins and migration stories of Indigenous peoples of the Americas. His current field of study is the examination of maize culture, migration, and the role of stories and oral traditions among Mexican and Central American peoples. For the past several years, in conjunction with UCLA’s César E. Chávez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies – where he and Patrisia Gonzales were named Distinguished Community Scholars in 2003 – he has also embarked upon collaboratively creating Indigenous Studies within the discipline of Mexican/Chicana/o Studies. His work, based on a series of interviews with Indigenous elders throughout the continent, has resulted in several documentaries, including: Amoxtli San Ce Tojuan – We Are One (2005). He continues to write Column of the Americas, a column first syndicated by Chronicle Features, then Universal Press Syndicate. He was a senior writer for Black Issues in Higher Education from 1990-2000 and is the author of: Justice: A Question of Race (Bilingual Review Press, 1997). Our universities are creating the monsters that are destroying our youth! How can a country possibly survive when our teachers are constantly fomenting rebellion? THIS MUST STOP NOW!! THESE TRAITORS DESERVE NOTHING LESS THAN A FIRING SQUAD!!

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