China: Our Model For The Future…Like It Or Not

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Anarchists & Communists, Big Brother

Sixth School Killing in China in Under Two Months..Meat Cleaver

In China Someone Attempts Suicide Every 2 Minutes

There Are Over 1,000 Concentration Camps In China

Each Year 3,500 Dissidents Are Executed Without Trail

468,000,000 People In China Live On Less Than $2 a day

Look At All The Major Chinese Bridges That Have Collapsed In The Recent Years

Pollution from car emissions killing millions in China

China’s costly pollution problem

China Builds 2 New Coal Fired Power Plants Each Week

China’s Deserted Ghost Cities

China: Workplace Deaths 1,600% Higher Than In US (Based On Percentage of Population)

Head of Obama’s Jobs Council: ‘State-Run Communism’ Actually ‘Works’

Letter from Chinese Laborer Pleading for Help Found in Halloween Decorations

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