The Agenda 21 Trials

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Agenda 21

by Battlefield America

“It is our deep obligation to all peoples of the world to show why and how these things happened. It is incumbent upon us to set forth with conspicuous clarity the ideas and motives which moved these defendants to treat their fellow men as less than beasts. The perverse thoughts and distorted concepts which brought about these savageries are not dead. They cannot be killed by force of arms. They must not become a spreading cancer in the breast of humanity. . . . That murder should be punished goes without the saying, but the full performance of our task requires more than the just sentencing of these defendants. Their crimes were the inevitable result of the sinister doctrines which they espoused…” “Wherever those doctrines may emerge and prevail, the same terrible consequences will follow. That is why a bold and lucid consummation of these proceedings is of vital importance to all nations. That is why the United States has constituted this Tribunal. I pass now to the facts of the case at hand.”

Indeed the events which brought about this speech were the end result of a horrible period of incalculable human suffering at the hands of utopianists with a clear vision for a New World Order brought about by an all powerful state. The defendants testified that they meant well and thought they were doing what was best for humanity.

We are now in the age of a new utopianism and a new quest for a New World Order, a different World Order, but one no less savage and indifferent to human suffering than the one spoken of in this speech.

On December 9, 1946, General Telford Taylor, an attorney representing the  United States War Department, stepped to the podium and began to speak. His audience  was a trio of military officers empanelled as judges, in Nuremberg, Germany. His text  was the opening argument for the prosecution in the case of United States v. Karl Brandt,  et al. After speaking in broad terms of the charges brought against the defendants, he made that speech to open the proceedings.

Someday in the future, perhaps in the not so distant future, will such a speech be given at the trial of those committing atrocities in the name of Agenda 21?

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