ANARCHY DAY 12: Anti-nuke anarchists claim Italy shooting

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Anarchists & Communists

ROME –  An anti-nuclear anarchist group  that previously targeted Italy’s tax collection agency claimed responsibility  Friday for shooting and wounding the chief executive of a nuclear engineering  firm earlier in the week.

The Informal Anarchist Federation’s Olga unit said it would continue to carry  out other “actions” in the claim sent to leading daily Corriere della Sera,  which posted it on its website.

Roberto Adinolfi was shot in the leg Monday near his Genoa home by an unknown  masked gunman, who fled as a passenger on a motor scooter. Adinolfi, who was  released from the hospital on Friday, is the CEO of Ansaldo Nuclear, a division  of the state-controlled Finmeccanica company.

In the claim, the anarchist group, known as the FAI, listed Adinolfi’s role  in promoting nuclear energy as the reason for targeting him and said that it  would continue its campaign against Finmeccanica, a defense and aeronautics  company.

The FAI has previously claimed responsibility for letter bombs sent to  Italy’s Equitalia tax collection agency, including one that wounded the  organization’s director last December.

A letter containing small amounts of explosive powder was received Thursday  at the main office of Equitalia in Rome, the news agency ANSA reported. No one  was reported harmed.

Equitalia has come under more mainstream pressure in recent weeks amid media  reports of a rash of suicides and other public acts of desperation among  businessmen in financial difficulty.

The desperate acts have brought to the fore the issue of slow payments from  the state to private businesses, and the inability, to date, of businessmen to  count the balance owed them from the state against their tax bill.

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