ANARCHY DAY 9: Occupy Swarms Bank Of America Shareholders Meeting

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Anarchists & Communists

Americans angry at Bank of America tried to communicate their frustration to the bank on Wednesday, quite literally.

Protesters gathered outside of BofA’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina Thursday to demonstrate against the bank’s foreclosure practices, as well as its relationship with the government and the coal industry. The protesters, wielding signs with phrases like “stop corporate greed” and “Bank vs. America,” came from a variety of organizations, including the Occupy movement and various labor unions.

In addition to the demonstrations outside, BofA officials faced protests inside the meeting. Disgruntled shareholders aimed to force votes on controversial proposals. BofA isn’t the first big bank to face criticism at its shareholders meeting though. Dozens of protesters were arrested last month outside Wells Fargo’s San Francisco headquarters during the bank’s shareholder meeting.

Citigroup’s shareholders also struck down its CEO’s pay package in what some characterized as a revolt last month. FirstMerit, a regional bank, followed suit shortly after.


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