ANARCHY: Day 4 – Anarchists Attack Nike Store While Wearing Nike Sneakers

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Anarchists & Communists

May 4-Bungling anarchist attacks Nike store during Occupy protest on May Day..wearing Nike sneakers

First rule of the anarchist handbook – when attacking the big guns of the capitalist world, try not to endorse their products.
An Occupy activist missed the irony in his own dress sense during Tuesday’s May Day protest by attacking a Nike store wearing a pair of the brand’s sneakers.
The instantly recognizable Nike tick can be seen emblazoned on the side of his shoe, as the unidentified man, his face covered with a bandana, stands in front of ‘[rip] to capitalism’ graffiti on the shop window in downtown Seattle.
He teamed the sneakers with a fetching lavender shirt, color-coordinated face mask and on-trend neon pink hairband to hold his hoodie in place. The outfit was accessorized with a backpack and baton wound in a rag.

Thousands of Occupy Wall Street activists clashed with police across the country on Tuesday as they swarmed into the streets as part of the movement’s nationwide May Day protests.
Some 50 black-clad protesters in Seattle used sticks to smash downtown store windows and ran through the streets disrupting traffic.
According to the Seattle Times, Mayor Mike McGinn said those demonstrators then ditched their black clothes and lost themselves in the crowd.
Police reported several arrests after clashes between police and demonstrators with offenses including vandalism and striking an officer.
May Day, which has been[..]ociated for more than a century with workers’ rights and the labor movement around the world, has been used by American activists in recent years to hold rallies for immigrants’ rights.
In a deliberate attempt to bring large-scale European-style May 1 protests to America for the first time, Occupy called for a general strike, urging workers to attend marches rather than work.
The mass-scale protest came after the anti-capitalism movement called for a general strike and urged millions of workers to stay at home and gather in city centers.


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