ANARCHY: Day 3 – Black Bloc Attacks Photogs

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Anarchists & Communists

Conspiracy Theories Abound After Black Bloc Punks Turn On Photogs During NYC May Day Protest (updated)


Photo by Paul Weiskel

In their attempt to protest the ills of the world, disguised Black Bloc protesters attacked photographers during today’s May Day protest in New York City.

At least one Black Bloc protester ended up having his ass handed to him by a photographer judging by the above photo.

It is not clear at this moment who took the photo, but I’ll be interested in seeing more photos to see if anybody unmasked the punk.

The photo was posted by Scott Eisen on the National Press Photographers Association’s Facebook page about an hour ago. He said he did not know who snapped it.

Some commenters on my Facebook page believe the attackers were cops in disguise.


However, a commenter on NPPA’s Facebook page believes the undercover cop is actually the photographer because of the grip he has on the Black Bloc man’s nose.


This is what I believe.


Maybe the real undercover cop is the photographer who snapped the image, considering his identity is a mystery (The photographer is Paul Weiskel. I’ve since wrote about him here).

According to

Photographer Jeremy Sparig was following protesters as they ran along Forsyth Street after marching across the Williamsburg Bridge. The protesters he was specifically shooting were dressed all in black, with black hoods and goggles covering their faces. This group has taken on the moniker Black Bloc OWS members.

“I was in the street, shooting this protester as he ran and he said, ‘Get out of the street,’ or something,” Sparig said.

Sparig told the man he was a journalist trying to record the day’s events, but that’s when the man took a swing at him.

Three other men, also dressed in black with their faces hidden, jumped in and kicked him in the back to the ground, and started punching him in the back of the head. He dodged their blows, but one punch landed solidly right on his crown. Sparig said the first thing he tried to do was shield his head, and then his camera equipment, as he kept telling the men he was a journalist.

In another incident, photographer Stephanie Keith tweeted: “Some black bloc man bigger than me with bandana tried to take my camera from me violently f– that! Smash the state not my camera”

Freelance shooter C.S. Muncy also saw a melee involving a photographer, tweeting: “Black bloc attacking press”

“I had a couple people make grabs for my gear,” Muncy told Buzzfeed. “They just didn’t want their pictures taken.” “One girl walks up to one of the photogs and nailed him right in the face,” Muncy said. “He popped her right back.” Muncy told Buzzfeed the photographer was Lucas Jackson of Reuters

There was also an earlier tweet that stated a reporter wearing a press pass was arrested but no further details are available at the time on that incident.

This, of course, is not the first time that protesters have turned on photographers.

In January, videographer Tim Pool was attacked by a Black Bloc protester in an incident caught on camera by Luke Rudkowski.  Rudkowski’s screenshot below shows the protester unmasked.

There have been allegations in the past that Black Bloc protesters are nothing more but cops in disguise, which is why it’s important to unmask them if they get confrontational, as you can see in the video below from 2007.


Come back later for updates.



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