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To the Supporters of Jerry Lewis: Is This the America You Want?
By Anita Christy
You ought to do your homework about the man who led the recall against Senator Russell Pearce:  Randy Parraz. 
Parraz, Democrat, born and reared in California, got a law degree from U.C. Berkeley, and a master’s in public administration at Harvard.
Not exactly hotbeds of Conservative principles.
In fact, back in 1992, about one third of the Communist Party USA joined with former Maoists, Trotskyites, socialists and anarchists to launch Committees of Correspondence in Berkeley, CA.  Eugene Newport, former Mayor of Berkeley, served on the Advisory Board of the Committees of Correspondence. 
Parraz moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he fought against the passage of SB1070, and he ran against US Senator John McCain in 2010.
Parraz was a leader for 9 years in the IAF and the AFL-CIO.  These two Democratic Socialist machines are powerful beyond anything you can conceive, and their mission is to destroy our culture and every value that defines us as a nation.  They are relentless in turning America into a “socialist utopian dream.”  Of course, their intellectual elites (such as Parraz) and wealthy elites (such as George Soros) will be in charge of all of it.
They despise you, and they will use you for their own purpose and when that’s accomplished, you will be pushed aside.  Not just you, but everything you stand for. 
You are dangerously naïve if you think this upcoming recall election in LD18 is between Senator Russell Pearce and Jerry Lewis.  It isn’t.  This is all about the Left’s mission to destroy Russell Pearce and everything he has accomplished.  They hate him because he is not a weak Republican.  He is strong and has been successful in standing up for traditional American values. 
What are those values that the Leftists hate?
Free Enterprise
Individual Liberty
Equal Opportunity
The Rule of Law
Individual Property Rights
State’s Rights
The 2nd Amendment
Respect for Contract
What was the first successful contract with America?  The United States Constitution.
Their method?  They take out the enemy by Demonizing him.  Find the weaknesses and pound away at them.  Throw in half-truths and lies for good measure.  They label conservative principles “extremist” and refer to their own, no matter how extreme, as “civil,” “rational,” “reasonable” and “moderate.”   They are respectful and collaborative and possess great political sophistication when describing their own views.   
Repeat all of the above to the public often enough, and the public will soon forget anything good that Russell Pearce has ever done.  Instead, they will listen to whatever the Left tells them.   It has already begun, with the media cheering them on, in Vents, Letters to the Editor, Facebook, comments at the end of online news articles.  It will continue with their Anti-Pearce Campaign. 
You think Russell Pearce has flaws you simply cannot tolerate?  You think he’s “extreme”? Take a look at Russell Pearce:  http://www.russellpearce.com/
Now, take a look at Randy Parraz’s associations and answer this question:
Founded by Saul Alinsky with the backing of Leftist millionaire Marshal Field in 1939, the IAF’s chief purpose is power and its chief product is social change. Alinsky is the author of RULES FOR RADICALS.  Alinsky acknowledged Lucifer as “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.” 
The IAF trains community organizers, the most famous being President Barack Obama.  Randy Parraz was an IAF leader for 9 years.  He learned his trade well.
Saul Alinsky:
“In the guise of a sociologist and as a self-described professional radical, Alinsky has preached and waged class warfare: the haves vs. the have-nots, by organizing poor people… against “the white Establishment,” and the city hall “power structure”….. (reference:  Saul Alinsky – KeyWiki)
“His utterances and writings cannot be identified with a single ideology.  They contain elements of Marxism, Fascism, anarchism, Socialism, and racism, along with contempt for religion, the business world, and the traditional American political process.”  (reference:  Saul Alinsky – KeyWiki)
The AFL-CIO is the largest labor union federation in the United States. Randy Parraz was the Arizona State Director for the National AFL-CIO for 9 years. 
The AFL-CIO pours millions of dollars into efforts to destroy “dangerous” Republicans and to get Democrats elected.  They were a primary financial contributor to the toppling of Republicans in Colorado.  The AFL-CIO is also a part of an 80-donor secretive Washington DC-based network called the Democracy Alliance.  To be a member, you commit to a pledge of $1 million to fund the Alliance.  Through a complicated organizational system, they “franchise their operations at the state level.”  Lots of states.  (Reference:  THE BLUEPRINT:  How the Democrats Won Colorado.  Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer).
Back in 1994-95, a “progressive coalition” of labor unionists ousted conservative AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland and replaced him with DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) member John Sweeney. 
As stated by Harold Meyerson, when he was the DSA vice-chair:  “The differences here are magnified because the strategic importance of unions in American politics has increased almost exponentially since John Sweeney took the helm at the AFL-CIO in 1995.  It’s the unions that have brought the Democrats back to the brink of retaking Congressional power.”
The effort to elect Sweeney was led by several DSA affiliates, including Richard Trumka, the current president of the AFL-CIO.  Trumka is a nasty character you wouldn’t allow your daughter to date under any circumstances.  He made this comment to union members about workers who continued to work during a strike, “kick the shit out of every last one of ’em”.  (Reference:  “Sabotage Attempt Foiled at Peabody Coal Beltline.  Nashville News. Sept. 8, 1993)
Here’s detailed information on Richard Trumka, if you’ve got the stomach for it.
Why on earth would Jerry Lewis associate with Randy Parraz, a leader for 9 years in the AFL-CIO?   Surely Lewis has heard of Richard Trumka.  Surely he’s heard of Saul Alinsky. 
Did you take a close look at Randy Parraz before you joined him in his destruction of Russell Pearce?  Are you being lulled by the silver-tongued, highly educated, highly trained, Leftist Elitist Parraz?

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    • Johnny Sands says:

      The media hasn’t done much to help Pearce either. Even Fox 10 News, which I thought was a little more on the side of America has done some pretty nasty stunts to make Pearce look like garbage. If I was Pearce I would be suing somebody. It’s kind of sad that we have a leftist media that can dictate the conscious of the Arizona people, where the Arizona people would rather take the easy way out by listening to what the left has to say about Pearce rather then doing some research like our friend and fellow patriot Anita Christy has done.

      When I first found out about the recall I knew something wasn’t right and my first thought was that this has to do with Pearce’s strong stance on the rule of law regarding illegal immigration. I knew without a doubt that Pearce was going to get recalled because he is the strongest supporter of SB1070 and has nothing to do with anything else. I spent numerous hours researching Mr Parazz and came up with some similar conclusions about this communist open borders lawyer myself.

      If you recall they painted the recall effort as being a grass roots community effort. I was on some of the news web sites actually arguing with some of the people posting comments and I actually had some arguments with Mr Parazz himself, even though Mr Parazz went by another name in the comments section. I knew it was him and he quit posting after I called him out on it. I proved that the recall effort had to do with Mr Parraz and had nothing to do with a local community being upset with Mr Pearce. In fact the opposite was true.

      Anita Christy, thank you for standing up for America and doing what is right. I’m glad there is at least someone else sees the light too!

      God Bless America and Russel Pearce!

  2. Lee says:

    Unfortunately most people haven’t caught on to the fact that we are literally in a war for survival. I wonder what it will take.

    We need to correct people’s thinking first of all. For example, my ancestors were not immigrants, they were settlers. When they came here there was a wilderness populated by a few bands of savage Indians. They did not immigrate to America, they created America. They were the native Americans, not the Indians. This land belongs to them and to me, not to the Indians, Mexicans, or anyone else.

    The real war is in people’s minds. We need to wake the real Americans up. We have the power, we just are not using it.

    • Paul137 says:

      Good points, Lee. This place wasn’t what anyone means by “America” until the Europeans came to what’s now the United States and made a civilization in what, for those colonists/settlers, was a wilderness.

      For that reason, the people already living here when the Europeans arrived shouldn’t be called “Native Americans,” since they hadn’t been living in “America.” I gather that the land mass in the Western Hemisphere was known to some of those early inhabitants as “Turtle Island,” so it would be sensible to call them “Turtle Islanders.”

  3. […] recall was intitiated by a group called Citizens for a Better Arizona, led by a guy named Randy Parraz. Remember that name, because he is certainly not done in his efforts to topple American patriots. […]

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