by Hugh Holub on Jun. 03, 2011

The other night at a town briefing on the Murphy fire west of Tubac, the first question asked by the audience was “who started the fire?”

The answer was perfect government evasion…human caused and under investigation.

The audience laughed.

It is pretty much a given this time of year that any fire that starts around the borderlands is human caused. There is no lightning.

And since the fires seem to almost always start on known human and drug smuggling trails…it is not like hunters or hikers started the fires. This is not hunting season and it is too hot for American hikers.

The folks over in the Chiricahuas where the Horseshoe 2 fire is raging are convinced drug smugglers started that fire.

And the 6 or so fires we’ve had around Nogales are probably 99% certain to have been caused by illegal aliens or drug smugglers.

So why doesn’t the Forest Service admit that illegal aliens and drug smugglers are busy burning down the National Forest lands?

Is it because President Obama’s claims everything is just wonderful on the border would look false if drug smugglers were starting fires so their drug mules could sneak thousands of pounds of marijuana into the country?

Is it because Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano would look bad if the truth were that illegal aliens that got across the border where there is no border security were burning the country down as they passed through?

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