Agenda 21 Alert! Head Of Oregon Global Warming Commission Shuts Down Question and Media

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is alive and well in Oregon. Check out my footage from last night. Head of the OR Global Warming Commission solutions for our energy problems. Public transit run by Unions. The Ultimate redistribution of wealth. And he refuses to answer a question coming from a opposing opinion even though he said before that it was a open discussion. He doesn’t just refuse to answer he steps down. And I close my camera thinking. Good shot. Then a lady tells me to stop filming or leave. Oh and this event was sponsored by THE APOLLO ALLIANCE. Van Jones or the Stimulus Package ring a bell?


We went to the Global warming lecture expecting to get our questions answered. Meet Angus Duncan the Head Of The Oregon’s Global Warming Commission. As can be expected the event was pretty one sided. All I can say is redistribution of wealth and Apollo Alliance. At the climax of this part of the event the citizen journalist was asked to stop filming, even after his camera was closed or leave the event. Even though it was only half way in. Agenda 21 COUGH

  1. oragenda21 says:

    This is a terrific example- Fear of having the Agenda exposed and ridiculed means NO discussion allowed. He admits that he would rather not discuss opposing viewpoints in front of the captive audience.. As we learn more about the Agenda, the more we can expect those in government, and those who rely on subsidies from the government, to deny open discussions. They will resort to the one party classroom approach, where ONLY those who share their point of view can speak.

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