Gilbert, AZ Citizen Caught With Stolen Campaign Signs

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Anarchists & Communists, Battlefield Arizona, Christian persecution, TEA Party Attacked

SHAMEONEGILBERT 5-12-11: Citiizens to Restore Integrity to Gilbert received a call from the Gilbert Police Department indicating that someone has been apprehended with damaged and stolen campaign signs in their vehicle. Officer Brause indicated that case no. 11-7771 is being filed after we agreed to press charges against the suspect. I have also learned that the suspect is named Bobbi Smith. Apparently, Bobbi is a avid supporter of Linda Abbott. Some have indicated that she is Linda’s best friend and she currently serves on citizens boards and commissions for the Town of Gilbert, and is Chairman of the Library Services Advisory Board. We located her as Chairman of the Citizens Budget Committee representing Development Services and the Gilbert Parks and Recreation board. The Chamber of Commerce has her serving as President of Gilbert Leadership Board where she is an alumni from class XVI.


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