Union Mobsters Attack!!

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Anarchists & Communists, Uncategorized

A video from a McIver Institute reporter captures images of protesters pouring into the building after fellow demonstrators rebuffed capitol police orders to keep the building’s doors closed. At one point, police are forced to drag one protester away from the doors to get them closed:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Demonstrators crowded the Capitol in a wild scene after senators passed a budget-repair bill in a hastily called meeting Wednesday night that outraged protesters and Democratic legislators. …

more here on this:

Then of course Michael Moore has Rachel Maddow give him a forum to spew his vile comments:

Union thugs begin to penetrate the crowd of patriots showing support for fiscal sanity


Union Thugs & Patriots Clash At Statehouse – WCVB Boston


Michael Moore: Republicans Have Declared War on the Middle Class (Mar 9, 2011 – msnbc)


and in a show of Thuggery to support the WI Unions we have:
Union Thugs Attack Tea Party Member in front of the Massachusetts Statehouse

Union member are a very small percentage of the population, yet the feel free to do this????


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