Flight 93 Memorial is Tribute To Islam

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Creeping Sharia, Domestic Jihad, Sharia

Flight 93 Memorial Mosque (Must See Videos)

With the heightened attention on the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, it’s time equal scrutiny, exposure, and awareness be brought to the giant outdoor mosque being built in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Videos exposing the travesty taking place, almost silently, at the memorial site are below. It’s time for Americans to get educated, speak up, contact your elected officials, and stand up for America and those murdered by Muslims in the name of Islam!

Source: http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/flight-93-memorial-mosque/

  1. Susan Haines says:

    I am amazed and shocked that people are not aware of this travesty.
    I only just found out about it myself thru my tea party web site in Phoenix.
    How this defiling of the memorial hasn’t even been in a viral email is astounding.
    Hopefully that will change and I hope there is some sort of protest planned at
    the memorial as I would do everything to attend.
    Yours sincerely,
    Susan Haines

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