You need to read this before your rates go up.

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Battlefield Arizona, Big Brother, Economic Terrorism

Water rates: Phoenix misleading you 

Phoenix management and staff are misleading you about the true reason for the proposed 7 percent water rate hike. Here are the facts:

 On Jan. 19, Water Department staff will be asking for a $22.9 million more from you in  2011. In the past year alone, staff transferred 165 new people into the Water Department. It plans to add another 98 this year, with 30-40 hires “in transition.”

The cost of all of these positions? A bit north of $19 million a year.

It sounds like a coincidence that the rate increase request is in the same ballpark as the cost of new employees, doesn’t it? It is not.

Phoenix managers have been telling you how dramatically they’ve shed employees, cut expenses, improved efficiencies and cut pay. Actually, they have borne little of the personal financial brunt of the recession. The city has shifted that pain to you.

Employee cuts were made to some departments only to be transferred to Water. Your rates are to be jacked up to pay for those transfers. Attached is a staff report showing all the job transfers to the Water Department for 2010 and 2011 plus a Republic article.

The Water Department declared victory by saying it could cut 3 percent of its budget this year. That’s 3 percent, one time, and on top of 40 percent hikes in the past five years and the same planned for the next five years. How much has your family budget been cut over the past five years? How about where you work? Do you think a 40 percent increase, a 3 percent cut and a 7 percent increase (with more planned) resembles anything close to “sacrifice?”

I believe Phoenix has to pay its contracted debt for projects. I support a department that delivers sufficient and safe water to Phoenix citizens. I do not believe city management or the Water Department has tried hard enough to do the same things you have had to do to make ends meet in these difficult times. It seems apparent that, instead of doing that, they have raised your taxes and fees and dropped your service so no one in city hall is even marginally hurt by the recession. Too bad for customers and taxpayers.

I have long advocated for more transparency in government and that these shenanigans must stop. Phoenix will stop when you, the boss, demand that it stops.

I need your help. Please forward this email to all who may be concerned; then call, write and attend meetings to let your elected representatives know your wishes. This is the only way we can stop this.

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio represents District 6, which includes Ahwatukee, Arcadia, Biltmore, East Camelback and North Central. He can be reached at or 602-262-7491.


Phoenix officials propose another water-rate hike


A year after approving a controversial water-rate increase, Phoenix officials are proposing another rate hike, saying the money is needed to pay off debt and comply with federal clean-water rules.  Read more:

Water department positions:


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