Phoenix: Anarchists Clash with Police at Neo Nazis Rally 11-13-10

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Anarchists & Communists

Neo-NAZI’s, Anarchists and Brown Beret = nuckleheads. As long they all protest peacefully – who cares? The problem is, Anarchists go to these events specifically to create violence and mayhem. A free society must not tolerate this. The First ammendment does not protect your freedom to break the law, attack the police and innocents and destroy private  property.

DO NOT watch this video if the F-word offends you!

This is a short chronicle of events from November 13, 2010, when the National Socialist Movement (neo-Nazis) legally marched down Jefferson Street to the Sandra Day O’Connor Courthouse to protest the “gutting” of the anti-immigration law (SB1070) by a federal judge.

There were some really angry people at this event. A large group of anarchists (the ones with the bandanas over their faces) tried (unsuccessfully) to block the march. The police performed admirably, keeping the peace (mostly) and utilizing both tear gas and pepper spray.

At least the FIRST amendment is still in place in AZ.

Borwn Beret was also in attendance:

This footage clearly shows the Anarchist flags, signature black hoodies, scarfs and skie masks


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