Anarchist Book Fairs

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Anarchists & Communists

There are at least 31 annual Anarchist book fairs throughout the world. These are important because they provide opportunities for Anarchists to network and learn more about spreading Anarchy. They are also opportunities to recruit more people into the movement. Anarchist are by definition anti-authority which is interesting because as Anarchy grows so does the need for more authority in order to control the anarchy. At some point society collapses under the chaos which will open the way for a change of power structure. This is because when the general public sees the existing power structure collapsing, they assume that something different is required and so power changes hands.

     It is at this point that strongly authoritarian governments typically take over, which is of course contrary to the anarchist’s goals. So, the process will begin again with continutued Anarchy. Or, the government will become so authoritarian as to crush all dissent. 

     As we can see, Anarchy leads to Fascism or Communism or some other totalitarian governmental structure and is not an end in itself. We must understand that the anarchy movement is growing worldwide and is becoming ever better oraganized. Annual book fairs in the US occur in:

San Francisco,CA  –  NY, NY – Seattle WA – Providence, RI – Manila, CA

“Organized” anarchists are a threat to private property, life, liberty and the rule of law. Their frequent violent outbursts are a tremendous tax burden because of the increased security necessary to counteract them. They drive up insurance premiums as the threat to private property grows. They us any excuse to destroy property, attack police and attack private citizens. Here are some of the excuses they typically use to incite riots:

Sporting event victories

Perceived racist incidents

Perceived persecution of minorites

G20 summit

We need to root out the more radical elements of this movement and impose stiffer penalties for their destructive activities or they will literally destroy our country which is what they intend to do.

Samuel Adams 11-8-10


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