American Flag Banned at Polling Places!!

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Battlefield Arizona

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Date: Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 7:29 PM

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 Dear Patriots,

 Brandon Trichel called me and explained that Yvonne Reid at the Marcopa County Elections Dept. told him that if people wear a T-Shirt with an American Flag that their name will be put on a list and they may not be able to vote while wearing the shirt. This is an outrage!  Please see his email below:

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 Date:  TODAY 10/28/2010 @ 11:58am

 I spoke with the Public Information Officer at the Maricopa County Elections Dept (Yvonne Reid), what follows is the SHOCKING interaction I experienced:

 Me…”I am concerned with some information I heard today and wanted to verify with you….I heard the ‘don’t tread on me’ T-Shirt, is not allowed in a polling place, is this true”?

Yvonne…”That’s correct, there is NO electioneering attire allowed in a polling place as Karen Olson stated regarding the Tea Party T-Shirts, the ruling last week ONLY pertained to Coconino County and NOT Maricopa”

Me…”Well I’m confused, what political party does the Gadsden Flag align with”?

Yvonne…”I’m not getting into that, but what is clear is there is no clothing or pins or anything allowed in that is promoting one party over another within 75 ft of the polling place, per statute XXXXXXX”

Me….”Well I am just trying to figure out what party the Gadsden flag represents, it was never a “political” parties flag, it was a flag the Marines used back during the revolution”…”So if the Gadsden flag is not allowed in the polling place, what about the American flag”? 

Yvonne…”There is NO political symbols allowed including an American Flag T-Shirt…it is NOT allowed in a polling place, or any other shirts that promote a party”

Me…”What political party does the American Flag stand for”?

Yvonne…”I’m not getting into that with you, there is no attire allowed in that is considered electioneering within the 75ft, per statute XXXXXXX”

Me…”Again, what party does the American Flag belong to, this is outrageous”!?

Yvonne…”Sir, I’m know your just trying to ask ‘leading’ questions, but this is the rule”

Me…”Yes I am, I simply want to know why I can’t wear the American Flag”?

Yvonne…”If you wear these shirts, it’s not that you will not necessarily be allowed to vote, but we are taking names of anyone not complying with these rules”

………..Went on for about 4 minutes.

 This is a PLEA to all Americans who love your Country…I would like to propose EVERYONE WEAR AN AMERICAN FLAG T-SHIRT to the poll on Nov. 2nd!  I will wear THREE of them, one underneath another to make a point, but PLEASE find a Flag shirt and WEAR IT!

 We MUST get outside our realm of comfort-ability before it’s too late.  Lets unite, if not on any other point, THIS POINT. VOTING is the most American ideal I can think of, without what this flag stands for, the world would be ruled by tyrants.  If this type of activity is allowed, it WILL be ruled by tyrants.

 At what point will the American people wake up?!  Our freedoms are being taken away and we MUST come together and take a stand!

“If not us, WHO, if not now, WHEN”? Ronald Reagan.

 Thank you for listening, and PLEASE pass the word along.   

 Brandon Trichel

602-295-9647 cell

  1. Bob Potvin says:

    If they call the authorities for someone wearing the American flag at the polls, the responding officer will more than likely have a patch of the American flag on his shirt sleeve. Will they ask the officer to take off his shirt before entering the polling place?

  2. joe morrison says:

    i think this is a crock of shit, like all of the other laws that whoever comes up with.

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