Posted: August 19, 2010 in Battlefield Arizona, Big Brother

Beginning in September 2010, the 24 Hour Fitness Gym located on Elliot and Val Vista in Gilbert, AZ will require a fingerprint scan in order to enter the gym-not for security clearance or for writing a check. It’s in order to use a treadmill or lift weights! Your information we be encoded and stored in their national database! And then what? What will they do with that information? They say it is for “your safety” and because they are “going green”.

Let’s review:

Bio Scan required for gym

But NO proof of citizenship required to vote

Illegal aliens being asked for ID sparks nationwide violent protests

If any of this makes sense to you, then you have been assimilated.

  1. 1776redux says:

    I was told that starting in September the only way you can get in is with the Bio-scan. AND I watched the screen as they scanned someone’s finger. It is a fingerprint photo.

  2. Joe Wilson says:

    The scanner may not be a big deal but it gets people used to having parts of their body scanned in various ways. This is a slippery slope. At what point do we say stop already? The freewway cameras were there “for your safety” but people don’t want that much intrusion into their lives. Please stop telling us it’s for “our safety”. It ain’t. It’s for their convenience and their control.

  3. Mac Lewis says:

    So many really bad things are being passed off on us in the name of “going green”. What it really is going for is more power. Government money is behind a lot of these “green” initiatives. I wouldn’t be surprised if the gym was getting stimulus money for installing the finger eye.

  4. Joe Thomas says:

    “Finger eye”. Talking about big brother watching you (even if he is just watching the end of your finger).

  5. Glenn Smith says:

    This is one time when i would rather not give them the finger.

  6. 1776redux says:

    Hey dirtbag,
    Why don’t you bio-scan my middle finger with your biological eye!

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