Child Armies In Our Midst

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Domestic Jihad

You won’t see these Palestinian child Jihadists in the American media. They don’t fit their narative. Our own media has been programmed to hate America so much as to aid and abet all of our enemies. These child armies are financed with AMERICAN AID MONEY! The US government has given $900,000,000 to the the Palestinian Authority and they are building an army to destroy the US and Israel. 35 such armies are being built in the US. How much aid do you think they are receiving from the US government? Jihadists are streaming across our southern border and the US government is aiding and abetting them by sueing Arizona for trying to stop them! Is Obama sympathetic to the Jihadist’s cause or is he simply a Leftist aiding the friend who is the enemy of his enemy?

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