Welcome to Oakland

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Commentary

Ron Dellums
Mayor of Oakland, California
By Andrew Stevens, Deputy Editor

“Oakland has struggled with significant challenges, including high unemployment, widespread poverty, and an elevated rate of violent crime.” – Wikipedia


  • Dellums was born 1935 in the city he now leads to a family of labour organizers
  • Member of racist Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity for African-Americans
  • Community activist in a number of causes, becoming a member of Berkeley City Council in 1967
  • Co-founder of the racist, pro-Castro, pro-communist Congressional Black Caucus
  • Supported Cuba’s intervention in the Angolan civil war
  • Affiliated with: New Left’s Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, Democratic Socialists of America (the US’ Socialist International affiliate-founded by Karl Marx), of which he was vice chair
  • Dellums was elected mayor in June 2006’s non-partisan race after a lengthy ballot-counting exercise and disputed write-in votes for candidates such as “George Bush” and “Homer Simpson”.
  • His step-son is currently serving life imprisonment for murder.
  • Following several recent attempts at a recall election in the city against charges of inaction and enhancing his own salary and office budget, Dellums remains defiant
  • Dellums became a professional lobbyist, disillusioning some long-time allies and supporters in the process, not least for his work on behalf of defense manufacturer Rolls Royce aerospace and for private healthcare groups and pharmaceuticals concerns.



Other wonderful things about Oakland:


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